Latest Updates - Videos, FishAThon, Trout Stocking, etc

Heya, guys!
It's been a while, huh? College  has been killing me lately, but I still manage to save some time for fishing. Unfortunately, I don't have that much availability for now in terms of updating the Blog. Be patient with me - I'll often bring you some "packages" of posts when I can.
For now, let's talk about the latest updates!
1. After 2 months, I've finally updates my Statistical Fishing Chart for 2012.
I've included data from Newton Lake, Hopewell Lake, Crane's Lake, Schuylkill River (@Walnut, @Fairmount Dam, @Flatrock Dam), Delaware River, Pennypack Creek, Wissahickon Creek, Kirkwood Lake, Driscoll Pond, Cooper River Lake, Wallsworth Pond, Manayunk Canal, Blackwood Lake, Greenloch Lake, Haddon Lake, Audubon - you name it! Lately, I've been exploring many new locations, and I'll do a little summary of my latest fishing adventures in another post.
Added 3 new Species for this year: Fathead Minnow, Chain Pickerel, and Spot Croaker (Freshwater - caught at the Schuylkill).
2. About the FishAThon Results:
Team Extreme Philly Fishing ended up in 2nd position both in Fundraising and the competition!
With your help, we fund-raised $3785.38 (against $4077 from Team Play Land Park (PA) - 1st place for fund-raising in this year's FishAThon)! Half of this value will go to the national non-profit organization - Recycled Fish - for Stewardship purposes, and the other half is going locally to the SRDC, which is the non-profit organization that takes care of the Schuylkill River from Grays Ferry to the Fairmount Dam.
As for the competition part of the FishAThon, we scored the highest Freshwater score among all National Teams, losing to Team J&J Kalico Kings - a saltwater Team from CA. We finished the competition with 14.150 points against 20.262. To have a better idea on the points system, Team Extreme Philly Fishing finished with 507 fish after 24 hours of intense fishing, including White Perch, Spot Croaker, American Shad, Bluegill, Pumpkin Seed, Striped Bass, Rock Bass, Channel catfish, Bullhead Catfish, and American Eel.
For more results on the FishAThon competition, you can click here.
3. About the Post-FishAThon prizes...
After a long time, the winner of the $100 gift card for the FishAThon has finally been decided. The winner is Courtney P., from NJ.
Congratulations! You can see your choice of prize here - "Choose to win a $100 dollar gift card for the famous Brazilian Steakhouse restaurant located on 12th and Chestnut - "Fogo de Chão," Center City, Philadelphia, PA, or a $100 dollar Dick's Sporting Goods gift Card."
Also, for all those who donated $50 or more for the FishAThon 2012 in behalf of Team Extreme Philly Fishing, a 4 hour Fishing Trip is given, not to mention that a FISHING LICENSE for 2013 is also included in the package. For more details, click here.
I have the list of winners in my hands, and I'll be contacting everyone through e-mail very soon, so you can schedule your fishing trips with us either for this Winter, or next year.
4. Fall is here, and so is the Fall Trout Stocking, guys!
If you have a Trout Stamp in your fishing license, be aware that Fall Trout Stockings are coming up!
In New Jersey, the quality of the Trout is much higher than PA. You may ask "why?," but the answer is simple: the budget between states is just very different, not to mention that 95% of anglers in New Jersey have purchased a fishing license to legally fish while only 65% of anglers in Pennsylvania purchase a fishing license to legally fish. Therefore, there are many more contributions to the Fish Boat and Commission in New Jersey than in Pennsylvania.
I'm copying/pasting an excerpt of an e-mail that came to me a week ago, from the NJ Wildlife:
"Did you know that all of the trout New Jersey stocks during fall and winter measure 14 inches to 24 inches and weigh one and a half pounds to eight pounds? If not, you're amongst the 67% of New Jersey trout anglers were not aware of this major stocking change when surveyed in 2010.

The 33% of New Jersey trout anglers who do know about the fall and winter big trout bonanza couldn't be happier. A growing number of them now eagerly await the big fish, cool water, great weather and spectacular scenery of New Jersey's fall trout fishing season. And it doesn't end with fall; hot trout fishing action extends through the winter months until spring stocking begins again in April.

From October 9 through November 21, more than 26,000 lunker trout will be stocked in 16 streams and 40 ponds and lakes throughout the state. Any of these fabulous fish could very well be a once-in-a-lifetime trout for many anglers."
It does sound awesome, doesn't it? Imagine catching an 8lb Trout on light gear! Guys...if you have your New Jersey fishing licenses with a Trout Stamp, now it's the time to look for the beast!
For more information on Fall stocking in NJ, click here.
For Philadelphia, the most convenient locations for Trout fishing are the Pennypack Creek and the Wissahickon Creek. Although the sizes of the Trout in PA cannot be compared to the ones in NJ, it's still a very fun experience to catch some Trout and have a nice meal with family or friends.
For more information on Fall stocking in PA, click here.
And don't forget, guys - purchasing a fishing license and a Trout stamp really makes a difference when it comes to the stocking! 
5. Finally, more fishing videos are up.
I uploaded 3 videos recently. Enjoy!
Jay gives some of his comments on an interview during the FishAThon 2012:
My friend Steve and I went fishing close to Driscoll Pond, in NJ. This is a fun video of him catching a Black Crappie on top water:
Top water Crappie Fishing - Cooper River Lake
Jay brought his friends to the Manayunk Canal for some Carp fishing! In the video below, you can see Jay's friend pulling the first Carp of her life. It's a pretty instructional video. Enjoy:
Carp fishing at Manayunk Canal

A brief introduction to Hopewell Lake. I wasn't really planning on posting it, but hey - it doesn't hurt, right? Heh:

Mike Hsiao finally started his Youtube Channel! It was about time, huh? Below, you can watch the videos that he upload recently - all in HD quality, and first-person view:

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Alrighty, guys! That's it for now. I'm very glad that I had some time to catch up with the Blog. I would say that I'm 30% done with what I have to catch up; therefore, expect posts very soon!
Hope you are all doing well, catching tons of fish, having some hot chocolate in this chilly day (heh), and thanks for following the Blog!
Best of luck for all of us,
Long Days and Pleasant Nights,
Leo S.