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Hello, readers!

As you all may have noticed, the Blog is a little bit stagnant lately. That's mainly because my college started again; therefore, tons of homework per week. However, I'll give you a good follow up of the next posts (better saying - projects):

--> A post about Haddon Lake in NJ: the lake, ambient, fish, etc. There will be nice pictures of different species of fish caught there, including Trout, Crappie, LMB (Largemouth Bass), etc.

--> A post about the Schuylkill River, of course. The only difference is the season of the year, which means different techniques and baits to approach fish.

--> A post about the Audubon Lake in NJ, mainly about Sunfish and Carp fishing.

Well...stay tuned for future updates!

Best of luck for all of us,

Long days and pleasant nights,


Leo S.